Adding a tag style
  1. Click Add Style at the bottom to open the Edit Tag Style Configuration form.

    In which:

    Style Name The tag name which cannot be edited after you have added.
    Number of Occurrences The number of documents assigned to a tag.
    HTML Style Includes font-size, font-weight, color, font-family, and text-decoration.
    Asterisk (*) Indicates the fields are mandatory.

  2. Input values in the fields: Style Name, Number of Occurrences, and HTML Style.

  3. Click Update to accept adding a new tag style.


The format of valid range must be: a..b where 'a', 'b' are positive integers. You can use * instead of 'b' to indicate it is unlimited. For example, 0..2 (means 0-2 documents assigned to a tag), 10..* (means at least 10 documents assigned to a tag).

The HTML Style textbox cannot be empty. You can change values of font size, font weight, color, font family, and text decoration later.

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