11.10.1. Setting permissions on a site

You can set the site permissions (Access permission and Edit permission) for a specific user via the Permission Settings tab.

The Permission Settings tab can be opened in some various ways, depending on the following approaches.

  1. Click PortalSites on the top navigation bar.

    The Manage Sites page appears.

  2. For new sites:

    • Select Add New Site to open the Create New Portal form.

    • Click the Permission Settings tab.

    For existing portals:

    • Select Edit Site ConfigurationPermission Settings tab.

    The Permission Settings tab appears as below:

Access permission


To access a site, you must belong to one of the groups that have the Access permission to that site.

Select the Access Permission Settings sub-tab to set the Access permission on the site.

Edit permission

  1. Select the Edit Permission Settings sub-tab of the Permission Settings tab to set the Edit permission on a site and do the followings:

  2. Click Select Permission to open the Permission Selector form.

  3. Select one group in the left pane and one membership type in the right pane. You can select * if you want to assign all available membership types to the selected group.

  4. Click Save to finish your settings.

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