Adding a user to a group

  1. Select the group to which you want to add a new user in the left panel. The Group Info panel with the Add member form will be opened.

  2. Enter the exact Username of the user that you want to add to the selected group (you can add many usernames separated by commas); or click to select your desired users from the Select User form.

  3. Select the membership for the users from the Membership drop-down menu. You can click to update the memberships list in case of any changes.

  4. Click Save to accept adding the selected users to the specific group with the specified membership type.


By default, the "manager" membership has the highest right in a group. A user can have several membership types in a group. To do that, you have to use the Add Member form for each membership type. The user's membership information is hereafter updated. You can check it by opening the User Management form and editing the user you just added.

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