11.7.4. Managing memberships

Select the Membership Management tab. Here, you can manage user roles in a specific group.

By default, 8 membership types available in eXo Platform include Member, Author, Editor, Manager, Redactor, Validator, Webdesigner, and Publisher.


The * membership represents "every available membership types".

Adding a new membership type

  1. Enter values into the fields of the Add/Edit Membership form. The Membership name field is required, and only letters, digits, dots, dashes and underscores are allowed without ANY SPACES.

  2. Click Save to accept adding a new membership, or Reset to clear entered values.

Editing a membership type

  1. Click corresponding to the membership type you want to edit in the Action column.

  2. Make your desired changes on the Description field. You cannot change the Membership name.

  3. Click Save to accept your changes.

Deleting a membership type

Simply click in the Action column, then click OK in the confirmation message.

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