7.1.6. Commenting on a question

You can leave comments on a question when you are not sure about the answer, or want to give your ideas. Then, the moderator can promote your comment to an answer if necessary.

  1. Follow one of these following ways:

    The first way

    • Open the question you want to leave comments, then click the Comment link below the question.

    The second way

    • Right-click a specific question, then select Comment from the drop-down menu.

  2. Type your comment in the Comment field.

  3. Click Save to finish.


Comments can be written in different languages. However, you only can put comments on a question in multiple languages only when the question has been posted in multiple languages.

Editing/Deleting a comment

You can edit or delete your comment by clicking on the top right of the comment panel, then select Edit Comment or Delete Comment from the drop-down menu.

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