6.1.8. Watching

This function is for all logged-in users to keep track of changes in categories, forums or topics via email notifications. Whenever there are new changes, such as new categories, topics, posts created, you will receive a notification.

Watching a desired object

Go into the object (category, forum or topic), then click on the Action bar;

Or, right-click the object title and select Watch from the drop-down menu.

The watched objects are also listed in the My Subscriptions tab in the Settings form. When being unwatched, they will automatically be removed from this list.

You will receive the notification message of the successful watching. You will receive the email notifications about new posts/replies of the forum that you are watching as well. In the email notification, you will be provided links that help you go directly to the topic or go to reply to the post. After clicking this link, the new posts in your watched topic will be highlighted.


Once a category/forum or a topic has already been watched, the Unwatch option will appear in the right-click menu or on the Action bar, so you can unsubscribe from the object.

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