5.5. Sharing your documents

The section provides you with the information related to sharing your documents on the Activity Stream via the following topics:

  • Creating a new activity

    Explanations on the creation of a new activity on the Activity Stream when you finish uploading a file and instructions on how to do some actions with this activity.

  • Updating activity for document changes

    Information related to the update of the activity when you do some changes on the document.

eXo Platform continuously improves the pleasure and value in engaging with the users' community by integrating the Auto-share feature into the Documents application. This integration fundamentally complies with privacy rules; that is what made in folders (except Public) of the Personal Documents drive will not be shared on Activity Stream. Therefore, Auto-share is only featured in spaces, and you are required to be owner or member of the space to see activities updated in the space's Activity Stream. At the same time, these activities are also updated in the Social Intranet homepage.

Assume that you have created a space or are a member of a space named PRODUCT TEAM, then start doing certain actions in the Documents application of this space.

Many of the actions (for example, uploading or editing a document) will be automatically shared on Activity Stream although you do not take direct actions to share them. As a result, another members can see what you are doing on your content via Activity Stream.

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