10.2.2. Searching for contacts

This function allows you to find your desired contact quickly by:

  1. Select Connections in the left panel to be redirected to the Contacts Directory page.

    Here, you can see all users who are active in eXo Platform.

  2. Select the search criteria:

    • Search by Name : Enter the contact name you want to search into the Search by Name field. When you type, a drop-down list of contact names containing your entered letter appears for you to select.

    • Search by Position: Enter the position of the contacts you want to search by.

    • Search by Skills: Enter the skill of the contacts you want to search by.

  3. Hit the Enter key, or click Search to find your desired contacts.


  • You can combine more than one search type (by name, by position and by skills) at the same time to enhance your search results.


You should select a tab from the Contacts Directory page to narrow the search scope.

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