10.1. Searching in Social Intranet

This section consists of the following topics:

Besides the search feature in each application, eXo Platform provides a robust search tool which allows you to search for all types of content right in Social Intranet. With this new search feature, you are able to search for everything without accessing each specific application. This means the productivity will be much enhanced as you can search for any content at any location with just few clicks away from the search box on the navigation bar.

Performing quick search

  1. Click on the top navigation bar to open the search box.

  2. Enter your search term into the Search box.

    This search displays quick results in the drop-down menu. These results are grouped by their types: Files, Documents, Wiki, Pages, Discussions, People, Spaces, Events, Tasks, Questions and Answers. By default, the quick search returns results for content located in the current site only.

  3. Select your desired result from the drop-down menu to directly access it;

    Or, hit the Enter key, or click , or click See All Search Results to view all results in the search main panel.

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