4.2.3. WebDAV support in Wiki

To make easy for Wiki resources management, you can access these resources using WebDAV. Besides the way stated here, you can use the following URL format to access the Wiki resources:

Accordingly, to access the Wiki Home of the "Support Team" space over Nautilus - the file manager for example, you can use either of the following URLs:

After successful login, you will see the WebDAV drive with all content in that Wiki space.

Now you can access this drive anytime and manage its folders/files via WebDAV. See Editing a wiki page using WebDAV for more details.

Editing a wiki page using WebDAV

  1. Go to the folder that contains the content you want to edit.

  2. Use your text editor to edit the "Content" file in this folder. You can use the wiki syntax to format content as normal.

  3. Save the file.


  • You can copy/move/delete a page by copying/moving/deleting the corresponding folder.

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