Chapter 2. eXo Core

eXo Core is a set of common services, such as Authentication and Security, Organization, Database, Logging, JNDI, LDAP, Document Reader and other services. These services are used by eXo products and modules. It also can be used in the business logic.

These services will be comprehensively understood via the following topics:

  • Database creator

    Information about database creator, such as API, configuration retrieval and retrieval log, and examples of a DDL script.

  • Security service

    Information about security service via two main topics: Framework and Usage.

  • Organization Service

    Introduction to organizational model and instructions on how to implement custom Organization Service.

  • Organization Service Initializer

    Provision of a sample configuration of the Organization Service Initializer to create users, groups and membership types by default.

  • Organization listener

    Instructions on how to write and register your own organization listeners.

  • Conversation state

    Instructions on how to update users' identity in ConversationState when their membership was changed in OrganizationService.

  • DB Schema Creator service (JDBC implementation)

    Information and example of DB Schema Creator configuration.

  • Database configuration for Hibernate

    Instructions on how to configure database for Hibernate.

  • LDAP configuration

    Instructions on how to configure eXo Platform to work with your directory.

  • JCR Organization Service

    Instructions on how to use JCR Organization Service.

  • Organization Service TCK tests

    Instructions on how to add TCK tests to your Maven project and launch them during the unit testing phase.

  • Tika Document Reader Service

    Basic knowledge of TikaDocumentReader, such as architecture, configuration, old-style DocumentReaders and Tika Parsers, TikaDocumentReader features and notes.

  • Digest authentication

    Instructions on how to configure your server to use the digest authentication, and how to make your own implementation use the digest authentication.

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