1.3. Sending mail about new users

In eXo Platform, the registration page is disabled by default. If the registration page is enabled (see how-to), guests can register for eXo Platform by themselves. In this case, the administrators can configure the email service to be notified of the newly registered users, as follows:

  1. Configure your SMTP server. You will need to configure your SMTP server correctly as described in Outgoing mail service.

  2. Configure the service used for sending emails in portal.war/WEB-INF/conf/admin/admin-configuration.xml. This file contains descriptions for each available parameter, including:

    • 2 mandatory parameters:

      • sendMailAfterRegistration: Change this value to "true" (It is "false" by default so sending emails after registration is disabled).

      • mailTo: Add your email address here.

    • Optional configurations of mail content:

      • mailFrom: This will be used as from header in the mail.

      • mailSubject: The Subject (Title) of the mail.

      • mailMessage: The content of the mail.


Use the ${user.userName} token for mailSubject and mailMessage. For example, put this sentence: "${user.userName} has been registered!" in mailSubject. When the mail is sent, the token will be replaced with real username.

To check if your configuration takes effect, restart the server and register a new user. An email that notifies of newly registered user should be sent to you.

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