2.1. Skinning the portal

GateIn 3.5 provides robust skinning support for the entire portal User Interface (UI). This includes support for skinning all of the common portal elements and being able to provide custom skins and window decoration for individual portlets. It is designed for common graphic resource reuse and ease of development.

This section includes the following topics:

  • Skin components

    Overall information about 3 main components of a complete skin, including Portal Skin, Window Styles and Portlet Skins.

  • Skin selection

    Ways to select a skin via the User Interface and set the default skin within the configuration file.

  • Skins in page markups

    Introduction to the skins in page markups with 2 main types of CSS links.

  • Skin service

    Knowledge of Skin service, including skin configuration and resource request filter.

  • Default skin

    Details of main files associated with the default skin, including gatein-resources.xml, web.xml, and Stylesheet.css.

  • Creating new skins

    Instructions on how to create a new portal skin, windows style, portlet skin and portlet specification CSS class.

  • Tips and tricks

    Knowledge of CSS techniques and tips for easier CSS debugging.

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