3.12. Open in Office configuration

With the Open in Office feature, you are able to easily edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the native applications installed on your client, without keeping a local copy.

By default, there are 4 labels displayed for corresponding file types as below:

LabelFile types

Open in Word

docx, doc, docm, dot, dotm, dotx.

Open in Excel

xltx, xltm, xlt, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xls, xll, xlam, xla.

Open in Powerpoint

pptx, pptm, ppt, ppsx, ppsm, pps, ppam, ppa, potx, potm, pot

Open on Desktop

Non-MS Office files, such as Open Document text files (odp, ods, odt, and more) or archive files (zip, rar, war, and more).

As an administrator, you can easily configure the file types associated with the application named as in "Open in Word", and set a new label via exo.properties. See Configuration overview if you have not created this file.


Here are some examples:

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