3.3. Properties reference

This page is a reference to configurations exposed via exo.properties.


This is not an absolutely full list. Some properties are not documented in this chapter, because they are extremely rarely used by administrators. If the property you are searching for is not here, search it in the whole documentation and raise a question in Community Forum, if necessary.

exo.base.urlGenerates links.http://localhost:8080
exo.accountsetup.skipSkips "account setup" screen or not?false
exo.super.userThe predefined super user's name.root
exo.email.smtp.fromThe "From" field in outgoing emails.noreply@exoplatform.com
exo.email.smtp.hostThe external mail server.localhost
exo.email.smtp.portThe external mail server port.25
exo.email.smtp.starttls.enableEnable TLS or not?false
exo.email.smtp.authEnable SMTP authentication or not?false
exo.email.smtp.usernameUsername to get authenticated with the mail server. 
exo.email.smtp.passwordPassword to get authenticated with the mail server. 
exo.email.smtp.socketFactory.portPort to connect to if a socket factory is specified. 
exo.email.smtp.socketFactory.classA class to create SMTP sockets. 
exo.jodconverter.enableEnable JODConverter or not?true
exo.jodconverter.portnumbersList of ports used to create soffice processes.2002
exo.jodconverter.officehomeThe home folder of the Office installation.Blank (auto-detected)
exo.jodconverter.taskqueuetimeoutThe maximum living time in milliseconds of a task in the conversation queue.30000
exo.jodconverter.taskexecutiontimeoutThe maximum time in milliseconds to process a task.120000
exo.jodconverter.maxtasksperprocessThe maximum number of tasks to process by an office server.200
exo.jodconverter.retrytimeoutThe interval time in milliseconds to try to restart an office server in case it unexpectedly stops.120000
Unified Search
exo.unified-search.engine.fuzzy.enableEnable fuzzy search or not?true
exo.unified-search.engine.fuzzy.similarityA float number between 0 and 1 expressing how much a returned word matches the keyword. 1 is exact search.0.5
exo.unified-search.excluded-charactersList of characters that will not be indexed (so could not be searched)..-
exo.notification.NotificationDailyJob.expressionCron expression to schedule daily emails.0 0 23 ? * * (11:00pm every day)
exo.notification.NotificationWeeklyJob.expressionCron expression to schedule weekly emails.0 0 11 ? * SUN (11:00am every Sunday)
exo.notification.service.QueueMessage.periodThe delay time (in seconds) between two batches of sent mails.60
exo.notification.service.QueueMessage.numberOfMailPerBatchThe maximum number of emails sent each batch.30
exo.notification.portalnameThe "from" field in notification emails.eXo
exo.notification.maxitemsMaximum number of notifications displayed in the popup list.8
exo.notification.viewallLiving days of items displayed in the View All page.30
exo.notification.WebNotificationCleanJob.expressionCron expression to schedule the job that cleans web notification old items.0 0 23 ? * * (11:00pm every day)
exo.jcr.datasource.dialectIn most cases the dialect is auto-detected. Follow the link to know exceptions.auto
exo.jcr.storage.enabledEnable file system storage for JCR values?true
exo.webdav.def-folder-node-typeMatching node type of folders.nt:folder
exo.webdav.def-file-node-typeMatching node type of files.nt:file
exo.webdav.def-file-mimetypeThe mimetype to exchange file data.application/octet-stream
exo.webdav.update-policyThe policy applied when there is an update via WebDav.create-version
exo.webdav.auto-versionThe auto-versioning mode.checkin-checkout
exo.webdav.folder-icon-pathThe display icon of a folder./eXoWCMResources/skin/images/file/nt-folder.png
exo.webdav.cache-controlThe cache-control header that defines cache and cache live time.text/*:max-age=3600;image/*:max-age=1800;application/*:max-age=1800;*/*:no-cache
exo.ecms.connector.drives.uploadLimitMaximum size (in MB) allowed of an uploaded file.200
exo.ecms.connector.drives.clientLimitThe maximum number of concurrent uploaded files in client side.3
exo.ecms.connector.drives.serverLimitThe maximum number of concurrent uploaded files in server side.20
exo.ecms.search.excluded-mimetypesContent of these mimetypes will not be searched.text/css,text/javascript,application/x-javascript,text/ecmascript
exo.ecms.search.enableFuzzySearchEnable fuzzy search or not?true
exo.ecms.search.fuzzySearchIndexA float number between 0 and 1 expressing how much a returned word matches the keyword. 1 is exact search.0.8
exo.ecms.lock.adminUsers or groups who can manage locks.*:/platform/administrators
exo.ecms.friendly.enabledEnable friendly URL maker or not?true
exo.ecms.friendly.servletNameThe friendly name used when making friendly URLs.content
ECMS Watch Document
exo.ecms.watchdocument.senderThe "from" field in the notification emails.support@exoplatform.com
exo.ecms.watchdocument.subjectThe subject of the notification emails."Your watching document is changed"
exo.ecms.watchdocument.mimetypeMimetype of the message body.text/html
exo.ecms.watchdocument.contentThe message body.Check it yourself in exo-sample.properties
exo.calendar.default.event.suggestAn integer number n, used to auto-calculate and suggest the end time when users create/edit an event.2 (equivalent to 1 hour)
exo.calendar.default.task.suggestAn integer number n, used to auto-calculate and suggest the end time when users create/edit a task.1 (equivalent to 30 mins)
Site metadata
exo.intranet.portalConfig.metadata.overrideDon't change this unless you customize the Intranet site.false
exo.intranet.portalConfig.metadata.importmodeDon't change this unless you customize the Intranet site.insert
exo.acme.portalConfig.metadata.overrideOnly affect when you install the ACME addon.false
exo.ide.portalConfig.metadata.overrideOnly affect when you install the IDE addon.true
exo.jcr.datasource.nameJCR datasource name.java:/comp/env/exo-jcr
exo.idm.datasource.nameIDM datasource name.java:/comp/env/exo-idm
Clustering (JBoss only)
org.quartz.propertiesPath of the Quartz properties file. 
exo.cluster.partition.nameGive a string to identify your cluster, to avoid conflict with other clusters in the network.DefaultPartition
exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.tcp*JGroups configuration for JCR using TCP. 
exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.udp.*JGroups configuration for JCR using UDP. 
exo.idm.cluster.jgroups.tcp*JGroups configuration for IDM using TCP. 
exo.idm.cluster.jgroups.udp.*JGroups configuration for IDM using UDP. 
exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.configPath to your customized JGroups configuration file, applied to JCR. 
exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.config-urlURL to your customized JGroups configuration file, applied to JCR. 
exo.idm.cluster.jgroups.configPath to your customized JGroups configuration file, applied to IDM. 
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