1.6. Startup profiles

eXo Platform comes with different runtime profiles, enabling you to customize which modules you want to enable/disable in each eXo Platform instance.


Before modifying and developing eXo Platform, you should choose carefully the profiles that are suitable to your requirements. In particular, after you have done any modifications/developments on the server that you started up with your selected profiles, and then switched to another new profiles, you will not see such modifications/developments on eXo Platform.

Some eXo Platform 3.5 profiles are no longer available in eXo Platform 4, including: default, collaboration, social, knowledge, webos, workflow. Currently, eXo Platform only supports the following profiles:

To activate the minimal profile in Tomcat, this customized variable is required:


See Customizing environment variables to know how to customize the variables.

To activate the minimal profile in JBoss, edit the property exo.profiles in standalone/configuration/standalone-exo.xml (standalone-exo-cluster.xml in cluster mode):

    <property name="exo.profiles" value="minimal"/>

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