6.3. Jobs and Job Scheduler

Jobs are components that run in background and perform scheduled tasks, such as sending notification emails every day.

In eXo Platform, jobs are managed by Quartz Scheduler. This framework allows to schedule jobs using simple patterns (daily, weekly) and Cron expressions.

The following tables are the jobs and their default configuration:

changeStateJobToPublished (Content)Scans collaboration:/sites for awaiting content and publishes them.Every 2 minutes
changeStateJobToUnpublished (Content)Scans collaboration:/sites for awaiting content and unpublishes them.Every 2 minutes
NotificationWeeklyJobSends weekly notification.11 am, every Sunday
NotificationDailyJobSends daily notification.11 pm, every day
WebNotificationJobCleans the web notifications that are older than 30 days.On the 23rd of every month
ReminderJob (Calendar)Searches for incoming events and sends email reminders.Every 15 seconds
PopupReminderJob (Calendar)Searches for incoming events and shows popup reminders.Every 15 seconds
periodically (Forum)Saves forum statistic data.Every 12 hours
SendMailJob (Forum)Sends email notification in Forum.Every 2 minutes
DelayWritesJob (Forum)Updates view count of topics.Every 1 minute
DeactiveJob (Forum)Watches a forum and deactivates the topics that have no post for a period. Currently it is configured to a non-existing forum.Every 2 hours
RecountActiveUserJob (Forum)Updates statistic of active users (who have posted in the last 15 days).Every 2 hours
LoginJob (Forum)Updates information for users who are currently logged in.Every 2 minutes

You can suspend or resume the jobs via JMX. Find the MBean exo:portal=portal,service=JobSchedulerService like in the screenshot, it gives you the two operations.

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