6.3. Using IDE

In eXo Platform, you can use IDE to develop a REST service online without building the whole project. In this case, the REST service will be written in Groovy (whose syntax is mostly compatible to Java).

  1. Go to IDE to open the IDE application.

  2. Select FileNewREST Service. The default template of a Groovy file will be shown. Here, you can customize this file to your desire.

  3. Save the file, then click RunDeploy from the top menu of IDE.

  4. Go to http://mycompany.com:8080/rest/my-service/helloworld/eXo. The output ("Hello eXo" in this scenario) will be shown.


  • To get the REST service URL, simply select RunLaunch REST service...Get URL.

  • See Managing REST Service for all actions of REST service in IDE.

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