8.5. Creating content inside a category

In eXo Platform, you can create new content in any folders or directly in a CLV with Incontext Editing. However, to facilitate the content management, categories which are usually used to sort and organize documents make your desired searches more quickly. Also, creating content inside a category helps you manage and publish them effectively.

After creating a document, you should categorize it by adding it to a category. Otherwise, documents should be created right in a category and links to those documents will be automatically created in the category. In eXo Platform, categories are stored in JCR.

Creating content in a category

  1. Click ContentSites Explorer on the top navigation bar.

  2. Open the drives list, and select a drive that has categories, for example, Collaboration.

  3. Select a category where you want to add new content.

  4. Click on the Action bar to create the new content. See the Creating new web content section to know how to add new content. The new content is stored in the category as a symlink and also stored in also stored in another folder depending on the target path configured while creating a category tree by Administrator.

    To view the content, simply click the Symlink.

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