What's new in eXo Platform 4.4?


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Many great enhancements come up in eXo Platform 4.4. Thanks to eXo teams and Community members who participated by contributing ideas, discussing and voting for the new features.

Share Document to User

In addition to spaces, it is now possible to share documents to several users. The document sharing popup has been revamped to manage sharing. Uppon sharing, all recipients are notified to access the document easily.

Text Formatting in Microblog

The microblogging component on top of the activity stream has been redesigned, resulting in a more lively experience. With the new formatting toolbar, microbloggers and commenters can write richer, outstanding posts in a WYSIWYG experience that supports inserting images and hyperlinks.

Text Formatting for Comments

For a better overall user experience, all commenting areas accross the product have adopted the same rich text editing experience: Activity Stream comments, the Documents comments, the Document Preview comments and Tasks comments.

Mentions in Documents Comments

Comments made from Documents app are reposted as comments in the Activity Stream. Now, it's also possible to @mention people from the Documents app. The behaviour is consistent with the Activity Stream, including the notifications.

Desktop Notifications for Chat

For those who juggle with many desktop applications, it's easy to miss messages when you are not looking on your Chat window. Desktop notifications solve this problem by allowing to receive toast notifications above any other desktop window, even when the eXo Chat browser window is in the background or minimized. It doesn't come alone. To keep control of the noise, new preferences have been added to finely tune the notification settings on a per-room basis.

Chat Room User List

Chat room participants are now displayed in a collapsible side panel along with their presence status.

Responsive Layout for Chat Room

Chat application is finally available for mobile users. It has been made reponsive and optimized for smartphones.

Preview Documents on Search Results and Activity Stream

Document search results and activities have been redesigned to better communicate their context such as the space and enclosing folder. Document preview is always accessible by clicking on thumbnails and facilitate the preview. Finally, opening the document in the Documents application happens when clicking the document title and a new "Open in Documents" link in the Document Preview interface.

Display Space Avatar in the Activity Streams

In order to help identify the origin of an activity, the name and avatar of the space has been added to all space activities, including in mobile.

Improved Support for Mobile and Tablets

All new features have been designed with mobile and tablets in mind. The Forum app has been optimized for better readability on mobile devices.

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