3.1. Configuration overview


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In eXo Platform, a lot of configuration options are customizable via properties. If you want to change the default configurations of eXo Platform, simply do as follows:

  1. Create your own .properties file that must be named exo.properties. This file contains all configurations to be customized.

    • $PLATFORM_TOMCAT_HOME/gatein/conf/exo.properties (Tomcat).

    • $PLATFORM_JBOSS_HOME/standalone/configuration/gatein/exo.properties (JBoss).

    A .properties file has no header, so you do not need to preserve the header. You can refer to exo-sample.properties that is provided by default but has no effect on the eXo Platform configuration. This default file exposes all properties you can override or extend, but in comments (#). Instead of creating new, you can rename exo-sample.properties into exo.properties, then make changes on your needed properties and remove their comments.

  2. Add configurations to be customized in exo.properties. Pay attention to the followings:

    • Each property is defined on one line that conforms to the syntax: property_name=property_value.

    • Order of the property lines does not take any effect, but it is important that you use the exact key of each property in exo.properties that is already exposed in exo-sample.properties or listed in this chapter. The usage of properties and their keys are detailed in the later sections.

    • The text before the equal sign is the key that you should not change and the text after the equal sign is the property's value that you can edit.

  3. Save and restart the eXo Platform server for your changes to take effect.

Besides the capability of customizing configurations in exo.properties, you can follow in another way by adding a system property, either in bin/setenv-customize.sample.(sh|bat) or bin/standalone-customize.sample.conf(.bat), or in any your custom scripts. See Customizing environment variables for detailed instructions.


There are some configuration properties that will not be configurable by the system property but in exo.properties only, including:

  • exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.config

  • exo.idm.cluster.jgroups.config

  • exo.jcr.cache.config

  • exo.jcr.cache.config.workspace.portal-system

  • exo.jcr.lock.cache.config

  • exo.jcr.index.cache.config

  • exo.cache.config.template

  • exo.idm.api.store.config

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