3.4. Managing look and feel


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This section will help you to learn how to customize the look and feel of eXo Platform.

A skin is a set of CSS and images files. eXo Platform comes with a default skin called Default, and another one, more modern, only available in the Enterprise Edition, called Enterprise skin. If these skins do not fit your needs, eXo Platform allows you to create your own skin.

You may also want to only make some changes to an existing skin by adding or overriding style for custom portlets, native portlets, or the whole portal. This can be done without creating a new skin.

Should I create a new skin or customize an existing one ?

The main difference between creating a new skin and customizing an existing one is that when creating a new skin, the Default skin (and optionally other skins) is still available and can be used. Therefore a site could use the new skin and another site could still use the Default skin.

So if you need to provide the capability to select multiple skins, go for creating a new skin, otherwise customizing an existing skin should be sufficient.

In this section, we will treat these elements:

By following this section, you are able to customize the eXo Platform look and feel effectively.

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