1.5. Changing your account settings


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To change your account information, click your display name on the top navigation bar of the site and click Settings from the drop-down menu.

The account settings appears.

Changing your profile information

  1. Select the Account Profiles tab.

  2. Change your First Name, Last Name and Email. Your Username cannot be changed.

  3. Click Save to submit your changes.


The email address changed must be in the valid format. See details about the Email Address format here.

Changing your password

  1. Select the Change Password tab.

  2. Input your current password to identify that you are the owner of this account.

  3. Input your new password which must have at least 6 characters.

  4. Re-enter your password in the Confirm New Password field.

  5. Click Save to accept your changes.


The users who just did their login via the social networks will not have a password defined. They should be able to reset a password via their Account Settings or via the Forgot Password feature or ask the administrator to set it (in the Manage Community page). Once the password is set, the user can either log in via the login/password or via the social networks.

When the reset password link is clicked:

Managing your social networks

If your administrator does not integrate OAuth with eXo Platform, you will see one message "No social network available". If any social network is integrated, you will see the following that allows you to link/unlink your account to the social networks.

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