6.2. Space banner and avatar


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After creating a space, by default it has the default banner (in grey color) and the default space's icon. You can choose different images for the banner and the avatar.

Space banner

To change the banner just mouse over in the top right corner of the space banner, an icon and a tooltip will appear:

Having chosen the banner and if you mouse over again in the top right, two buttons appear:

Space avatar

Same as for the banner, you can choose an another space avatar, just click on and the drive from your hard disk appears:

Pick up an image by double-clicking on it. The image will be loaded in the space's avatar.

When scrolling down in the space's activity stream and when you exceed the cover section limit, the banner image is collapsed and a new space's navigation bar still appear. It allows you to see all the space's tabs.

The new navigation bar contains:

In mobile devices, applications navigation bar is scrollable right and left.

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