5.1. Placing a call


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Starting from the 5.0 version of eXo Platform it is possible to make one-to-one video calls through the Web Conferencing add-on.


The video call functionality operates with the standard WebRTC and requires modern web browsers.

Web Conferencing is not supported for the browser IE11. Check the full list of supported web browsers in this file.

One-to-one video calls are not available for mobile devices.

To use the Web Conferencing functionality and make video call with another user, you just need to click on the Call button .

The Call button is available in many places:

Pressing the Call button emits a call and generates a separate browser window which displays your face if you activated your camera in your last call. It also emits ringtone, which indicates that an outgoing call is in progress. The ringtone stops when the callee answers the call.


  1. If you are using the feature for the first time, when you press the Call button, the call screen appears and contains a popup asking if you want to allow the browser to access your microphone and camera:

    In Firefox:

    In Chrome:

  2. To process to the call, you need to click on the Allow button.

  3. If you press on Block or Don't Allow, the call is interrupted:

  4. Video sharing and microphone settings remember your previous status. For example, if you have muted your microphone in a previous session, the call starts with sound muted. If you have unshared your camera, the call starts without streaming your video stream.

When starting the call i.e. after pressing the Call button, at first it shows your camera stream, and when communication is established with your partner, it displays their video stream (if they have enabled it). After that, your own video stream is miniaturised on the bottom-right corner.

The video call window contains three buttons to control the call:

If your callee declines the call, a a hang-up sound is played on your local output and then the call window displays a message which indicates that the call has been stopped.

Multiple connectors

If many connectors are installed and enabled for Web Conferencing, the Call button will be a pulldown which allows to select which provider that you want to use.

This pulldown remembers your last selected settings, and displays these by default.

For each call provider who needs an IM account, a new entry is added in the IM-field pulldown of users’ profiles.

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