1. Technical novelties in eXo Platform 5.0


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In the version , many tools/applications used by were upgraded to newer versions in order to benefit from their latest updates and improvements

Tomcat 8.5, JBoss EAP 7.0, Elasticseach 5.6, Infinispan 8, Groovy 2.4, JQuery 3.2 and Shindig 2.5.

Performances and scalability

In , we insisted on improving the performance and the scalability by changing some strategies, configurations and data storage.

  • Cache strategy and configuration

  • New cache on organization service

  • Files indexing in Elasticsearch

  • Storage of all spaces members in Social database tables


With , some data were migrated from JCR to database to improve performance and scalability

  • Notifications and settings in JPA dataset

  • ECMS files are indexed in Elasticsearch

  • Space members stored in Social database tables

Many other improvements and refinements were also done in :

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