3.2. Reusable Components


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eXo Web Pack addon comes with different resources to help you build stunning website with eXo Platform. It contains, new page containers and applications for the page composer as well as rich content types that are implemented under several fully working site templates : Agital Globex and WAI.

Containers and Applications

Adding a page under one of the three sites: Agital, Globex or WAI is similar as adding it under any other eXo Platform site. Please check this link Adding a new page

As shown in the previous screenshot, there are various container types: Rows layout, Columns layout, Autofit Columns layout, Tabs layout, Mixed layout and Responsive layout the one which is coming with eXo Web Pack addon.

The table below represents the layout styles proposed by the responsive layout:

Desktop viewTablet viewSmartphone view
Single Column Layout: Inserts a column layout in the page.
RowResponsive Layout: It inserts a row in the page.
Two columns Layout: It inserts two columns in the page.
Three columns Layout: It inserts three columns in the page.
Four columns Layout: It inserts four columns in the page.
Big-Small columns Layout: It inserts a big column followed by a small one.
Small-Big columns Layout: It inserts a small column followed by a big one.

You can find other details about containers here Arranging Page Layout


You can nest containers i.e add containers into another one.

After selecting the desired layout through containers, you can drag and drop applications and/or gadgets into the different chosen containers. For the sites templates Agital, Globex and WAI, all the applications and gadgets are available and they are categorized under Administration, Adoption...

With eXo Web Pack add on, in addition to the available applications, it comes with some components that could be used:

Content types

When creating a new site through one of eXo Web Pack templates, a folder is associated to the site under Sites explorer. You can add contents, upload files under this folder.

eXo Web Pack addon comes with many new content types such as:

Check other available content types by installing eXo Web Pack.

In the following sections, we will detail how the below content types are implemented within sample websites (Agital, Globex and WAI) which could serve as a basis for building rich websites.

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