POST /v1/calendar/events/{id}/attachments

Creates attachments for an event specified by id, in one of conditions: The authenticated user is the owner of the calendar of the event, OR for group calendars, the user has edit permission on the calendar, OR the calendar has been shared with the user, with edit permission, OR the calendar has been shared with a group of the user, with edit permission. This accepts HTTP POST request, with files in HTTP form submit request, and the event id in path.




  • Required (path parameters):

Parameter Description
id Identity of the event.
  • Optional (query parameters): No

Request example:

POST: http://localhost:8080/rest/private/v1/calendar/events/Event123/attachments


 HTTP status code:
            201 if created successfully, and HTTP header *location* href that points to the newly created attachments.
            404 if event not found, 401 if the user does not have create permission, 503 if any error during save process.

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