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| October 15th, 2018
5.0 The new option to disable scripts minification

A new option is introduced in eXo Platform 5.0 allowing to disable scripts minification.

5.0 Gadget proxy configuration

Learn how to define the allowed and the denied hosts for gadget proxy configuration.

5.0 Elasticsearch embedded mode

A note to warn that the embedded mode of Elasticsearch is not recommended in production.

5.0 Remove Social JCR and Wiki JCR

in eXo Platform 5.0, Social and Wiki datas are stored in RDBMS.

5.0 Hibernate properties for JPA

Definition of Hibernate properties for JPA.

5.0 eXo Chat properties in properties reference

Update and add eXo Chat properties in the properties reference table.

5.0 Limiting size of uploaded files in forum application

Definition of the parameter allowing to limit files size for forum application.

5.0 Activity types

Discover the meaning of each activity type.

5.0 SSL certificate import

How to import SSL certificate into Java truststore.

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