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This user guide covers all the basic and advanced features/functions that are available in eXo Platform. Throughout a series of in-depth examples and clear explanations, users will easily realize benefits when implementing eXo Platform.

This guide assumes that you are using the defaults (for example, user interface and functions) provided in eXo Platform. To make easy for readers when approaching eXo Platform, this guide is organized into the following chapters:

  • Getting Started

    All the most basic things you need to know when approaching eXo Platform for the first time, for example, commonly used glossaries, interface of eXo Platform, sign-in/sign-out, management of your accounts and language.

  • Managing Your Personal Applications

    Introduction you to accessing personal applications that allow you to manage your profiles, activity stream, connections, dashboard and email notification and to work with Wiki quickly.

  • Working With Tasks

    Instructions on how to work with the Task Management application, including capturing a task and managing projects effectively.

  • Discussing in Chat

    Instructions on how to use eXo Chat.

  • Making Video Calls

    Instructions on how to use the Web Conferencing module.

  • Working With Spaces

    All related to a space, including accessing, creating/editing, joining/leaving/deleting a space, and accepting/denying invitations.

  • Working With Wikis

    How to build a wiki, to manage the Wiki content, and to do advanced settings supported in Wiki.

  • Managing Your Documents

    Introduction to the Documents Management system of eXo Platform, working with basic actions on folders and documents, organizing content, sharing documents, and extending actions.

  • Building Your Forum

    All actions that a user can perform. These actions are classified to user roles (including regular users, moderators and administrators).

  • Managing Your Calendars

    Introduction to Calendar interface, creating/edting/exporting/importing/sharing a calendar, scheduling events, making changes on Calendar settings, generating RSS, and managing categories.

  • Managing Your Websites

    All actions that allow you to contribute and manage content (for example, creating/editing/publishing/deleting content) in your site effectively.

  • Searching In eXo Platform

    How to search for any content without accessing each application in eXo Platform, and for specific content types within separate applications.

  • Administering eXo Platform

    All advanced features that are designed for administrators, for example, branding eXo Platform, administering content, managing organization/permissions/sites in eXo Platform.

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