Chapter 4. Discussing in Chat


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eXo Chat is an instant messaging application that allows users to sync up and take action quickly. Tightly integrated with eXo Platform 4, eXo Chat empowers the real-time collaboration among teams and individuals.

Here is summary of what eXo Chat brings:

  • Discussions: Create quick conversation with your contacts, from group to specific person.

  • Status: Don't want to be interrupted, or not in the mood for a chat? Simply change your status from the Chat menu or directly in the chat window.

  • Favorites: Add or remove your contacts to/from the favorites list with one click.

  • Collaboration: Leverage collaboration with a set of actions (creating an event/task, sharing a link/file, asking a question or raising your hand), directly within eXo Chat.

  • Notifications: Follow notifications sent to you in real time, read and answer messages immediately or later when you are free.

  • Recording: Save your discussions from the beginning to the end that can be exported to a wiki page or sent to emails.

In this chapter:

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