3.5.2. Board view


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This view is designed only for projects, therefore you need to go to a specific project to see this view. In this view, you can manage tasks as well as the project workflow:

In which:

Creating new tasks:

In addition to creating new tasks by this way, you can quickly do this via the Board view as follows:

  1. Hover cursor over the last task of a column (or grouping), an editable field will appear:

  2. Type the task title in this field, then press Enter key. Your new task will be created immediately in the corresponding column.

Sorting/Grouping tasks:

You can sort these tasks by the Due Date, Priority and Rank options as well as group them by the Assignee, Label and None options as in this view.

Moving tasks

You can drag/drop tasks back and forth between assignees, labels and statuses.

Managing project workflow

By default, your project will have a workflow with four statuses including To Do - In Progress - Waiting On - Done and you can change it on your own.

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