4.9. Desktop notifications


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Users don't stay all the time on the chat page, that's why eXo Platform has added desktop notifications to alert users on a new message received in the chat, even when the browser window is minimized or hidden by another one.

A desktop notification is a small popup displayed to the user to alert him on a new message received in the chat.

Desktop notifications are sent only if you gave the permission to recieve notifications through the web browser. You are requested to give your permission the first time you access to chat application.

In case of a one to one chat room, the desktop notification contains:

In case of a group chat (room or space), the desktop notification contains:

When you receive the notification, clicking on it redirects you to the corresponding conversation in the Chat application.

Global Notification Settings

Desktop notifications complement other ways to draw your attention to new messages like the on-site counter and the bips. You can enable or disable these channels through the Preferences screen.


You don't need to save the settings, they are immediately saved and applied.

In addition to the preferences that could be set for global chat notifications, it is also possible to parameter notifications for each room. For that purpose, follow these steps:

A screen appears enabling you to set the chat room notifications settings:

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