Chapter 11. Upgrade


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eXo Platform aims at providing a transparent upgrade experience so that the upgrade to a newer version is seamless for an administrator.

As eXo Platform makes changes between versions, it is sometimes required to run some routines that will alter data. For that purpose, eXo Platform provides a service dedicated to it, called the Upgrade Service. This generic framework can detect a version change and identify which upgrade routines to be executed.

Since the framework leverages the eXo plugins mechanism, eXo Platform refers to these routines as upgrade plugins. At startup, eXo Platform will load and execute the upgrade plugins identified by the Upgrade Service.

This chapter outlines requirements before the upgrade and helps you get familiar with the upgrade process between versions of eXo Platform 4 via the following topics:

  • Breaking Changes

    Breaking changes you should be aware about before starting the upgrade to 5.0 version.

  • Prerequisites

    A list of things you need to do before the upgrade.

  • Upgrade process

    How to upgrade from eXo Platform 4.4 to eXo Platform 5.0.

  • Best practices

    Some tips that help you monitor the upgrade.

  • Upgrading add-ons

    Common steps for upgrading your add-ons along with the new Platform version.

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