11.1. Breaking Changes


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In this section, we will present all the breaking changes you should know before starting the upgrade to 5.0 version.

Tomcat upgrade

eXo Platform 5.0 requires the version 8.5.24+ of Tomcat application server. It is the supported version starting from 5.0, older versions are no more compatible.

The major impact coming with the Tomcat upgrade is that the wars are by default unpacked: unpackWARs="true".

Setting the parameter unpackWARs to false will significally slower the server's startup time so it is highly recommended to keep the default configuration.

You can find here the main changes between tomcat 7 and tomcat 8.0 and here the changes between 8.0 and 8.5.

JBoss EAP upgrade

JBoss EAP 7.0 version is used in eXo Platform 5.0, older versions are no more compatible.

The main change coming with this version is that JBoss web (based on Tomcat) was replaced by Undertow which leads to the replacement of valve by Undertow handlers.

You can find here, a full documentation about the upgrade to JBoss EAP 7.0.

JQuery upgrade

In eXo Platform 5.0 JQuery version was upgraded to 3.2.1 version instead of 1.9 in eXo Platform 4.4.

If your platform contains applications or extensions relying on JQuery, they should be updated with the newer version.

It is possible to keep using the older version but you need to configure it according to this tuotorial.

You can find here a complete guide to upgrade to JQuery 3. You can also use the plugin tool.

Elasticsearch upgrade

eXo Platform 5.0 requires Elasticsearch 5.6.3 version.

The major impact on eXo Platform is that data should be reindexed as indices created by Elasticsearch 2.3 are not compatible with those of Elasticsearch 5.6.


During the first startup of eXo Platform 5.0 version, the reindexing is launched automatically. You can find required configuration while upgrading to 5.0 from previous version in next sections of this upgrade chapter.

You can find here the breaking changes in 2.4 version and here the breaking changes in 5.6 version.

Infinispan upgrade

Infinispan was upgraded to 8.2.6 version in eXo Platform 5.0. No major impacts are visible on the platform which means that the upgrade is transparent.

In case you have customized cache configuration templates, you should update the templates as they are no more compatible with the newer version.

Shindig upgrade

Shindig is the tool allowing you to develop Gadgets and host OpenSocial applications. eXo Platform 5.0 is using the version 2.5.1.

This newer version does not support OpenSocial 0.8 and below so if you have gadgets or applications requiring OpenSocial 0.8 version or below, You should update them.

For example, if you have a gadget containing:

<Require feature="opensocial-0.8"/>

You should update it to:

<Require feature="opensocial-2.5"/>

Templates changes

Some Groovy templates have been changed in eXo Platform 5.0, check out the complete list. If your custom extension overrides some Groovy templates, you must check if it has been changed, and update it if it is the case.

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