3.3. Properties reference


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This page is a reference to configurations exposed via exo.properties.


This is not an exhaustive list. Some properties are not documented in this chapter, because they are extremely rarely used by administrators. If the property you are searching for is not here, search it in the whole documentation and raise a question in Community Forum, if necessary.

exo.base.urlGenerates links.http://localhost:8080
exo.accountsetup.skipSkips "account setup" screen or not?false
exo.super.userThe predefined super user's name.root
exo.portal.resetpassword.expiretimeThe expiration time of a reset password link.24 (hours)
exo.email.smtp.fromThe "From" field in outgoing emails.noreply@exoplatform.com
exo.email.smtp.hostThe external mail server.localhost
exo.email.smtp.portThe external mail server port.25
exo.email.smtp.starttls.enableEnable TLS or not?false
exo.email.smtp.authEnable SMTP authentication or not?false
exo.email.smtp.usernameUsername to get authenticated with the mail server. 
exo.email.smtp.passwordPassword to get authenticated with the mail server. 
exo.email.smtp.socketFactory.portPort to connect to if a socket factory is specified. 
exo.email.smtp.socketFactory.classA class to create SMTP sockets. 
exo.jodconverter.enableEnable JODConverter or not?true
exo.jodconverter.portnumbersList of ports used to create soffice processes.2002
exo.jodconverter.officehomeThe home folder of the Office installation.Blank (auto-detected)
exo.jodconverter.taskqueuetimeoutThe maximum living time in milliseconds of a task in the conversation queue.30000
exo.jodconverter.taskexecutiontimeoutThe maximum time in milliseconds to process a task.120000
exo.jodconverter.maxtasksperprocessThe maximum number of tasks to process by an office server.200
exo.jodconverter.retrytimeoutThe interval time in milliseconds to try to restart an office server in case it unexpectedly stops.120000
Search connector
exo.[searchConnectorName].connector.[informationType].enableTurn on/off a specific Search connector for a certain information type.true
Unified Search
exo.unified-search.engine.fuzzy.enableEnable fuzzy search or not?true
exo.unified-search.engine.fuzzy.similarityA float number between 0 and 1 expressing how much a returned word matches the keyword. 1 is exact search.0.5
exo.unified-search.excluded-charactersList of characters that will not be indexed (so could not be searched)..-
exo.notification.NotificationDailyJob.expressionCron expression to schedule daily emails.0 0 23 ? * * (11:00pm every day)
exo.notification.NotificationWeeklyJob.expressionCron expression to schedule weekly emails.0 0 11 ? * SUN (11:00am every Sunday)
exo.notification.service.QueueMessage.periodThe delay time (in seconds) between two batches of sent mails.60
exo.notification.service.QueueMessage.numberOfMailPerBatchThe maximum number of emails sent each batch.30
exo.notification.portalnameThe "from" field in notification emails.eXo
exo.notification.maxitemsMaximum number of notifications displayed in the popup list.8
exo.notification.viewallLiving days of items displayed in the View All page.30
exo.notification.WebNotificationCleanJob.expressionCron expression to schedule the job that cleans web notification old items.0 0 23 ? * * (11:00pm every day)
exo.jcr.datasource.dialectIn most cases the dialect is auto-detected. Follow the link to know exceptions.auto
exo.jcr.storage.enabledEnable file system storage for JCR values?true
exo.webdav.def-folder-node-typeMatching node type of folders.nt:folder
exo.webdav.def-file-node-typeMatching node type of files.nt:file
exo.webdav.def-file-mimetypeThe mimetype to exchange file data.application/octet-stream
exo.webdav.update-policyThe policy applied when there is an update via WebDav.create-version
exo.webdav.folder-icon-pathThe display icon of a folder./eXoWCMResources/skin/images/file/nt-folder.png
exo.webdav.cache-controlThe cache-control header that defines cache and cache live time.text/*:max-age=3600;image/*:max-age=1800;application/*:max-age=1800;*/*:no-cache
exo.ecms.connector.drives.uploadLimitMaximum size (in MB) allowed of an uploaded file.200
exo.portal.uploadhandler.public-restrictionTurn on/off public access to the upload service.true
exo.ecms.connector.drives.clientLimitThe maximum number of concurrent uploaded files in client side.3
exo.ecms.connector.drives.serverLimitThe maximum number of concurrent uploaded files in server side.20
exo.ecms.search.excluded-mimetypesContent of these mimetypes will not be searched.text/css,text/javascript,application/x-javascript,text/ecmascript
exo.ecms.search.enableFuzzySearchEnable fuzzy search or not?true
exo.ecms.search.fuzzySearchIndexA float number between 0 and 1 expressing how much a returned word matches the keyword. 1 is exact search.0.8
exo.ecms.lock.adminUsers or groups who can manage locks.*:/platform/administrators
exo.ecms.friendly.enabledEnable friendly URL maker or not?true
exo.ecms.friendly.servletNameThe friendly name used when making friendly URLs.content
ECMS Watch Document
exo.ecms.watchdocument.senderThe "from" field in the notification emails.support@exoplatform.com
exo.ecms.watchdocument.subjectThe subject of the notification emails."Your watching document is changed"
exo.ecms.watchdocument.mimetypeMimetype of the message body.text/html
exo.ecms.watchdocument.contentThe message body.Check it yourself in exo-sample.properties
ECMS Document versioning
exo.ecms.documents.versioning.drivesThe drives that are enabled for Document versioning.Managed Sites,Groups,Personal Documents
exo.ecms.documents.versions.maxThe max number of versions that a document can have.0 (no limit)
exo.ecms.documents.versions.expirationThe expiration time (in days) of a document version.0 (no limit)
ECMS Document Viewer
exo.ecms.documents.pdfviewer.max-file-sizeMax file size of documents for preview, in MB10
exo.ecms.documents.pdfviewer.max-pagesMax number of pages of documents for preview99
exo.calendar.default.event.suggestAn integer number n, used to auto-calculate and suggest the end time when users create/edit an event.2 (equivalent to 1 hour)
exo.calendar.default.task.suggestAn integer number n, used to auto-calculate and suggest the end time when users create/edit a task.1 (equivalent to 30 mins)
Site metadata
exo.intranet.portalConfig.metadata.overrideDon't change this unless you customize the Intranet site.false
exo.intranet.portalConfig.metadata.importmodeDon't change this unless you customize the Intranet site.insert
exo.acme.portalConfig.metadata.overrideOnly affect when you install the ACME addon.false
exo.ide.portalConfig.metadata.overrideOnly affect when you install the IDE addon.true
exo.jcr.datasource.nameJCR datasource name.java:/comp/env/exo-jcr
exo.idm.datasource.nameIDM datasource name.java:/comp/env/exo-idm
exo.cluster.partition.nameGive a string to identify your cluster, to avoid conflict with other clusters in the network.DefaultPartition
exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.tcp*JGroups configuration for JCR using TCP. 
exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.udp.*JGroups configuration for JCR using UDP. 
exo.idm.cluster.jgroups.tcp*JGroups configuration for IDM using TCP. 
exo.idm.cluster.jgroups.udp.*JGroups configuration for IDM using UDP. 
exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.configPath to your customized JGroups configuration file, applied to JCR. 
exo.jcr.cluster.jgroups.config-urlURL to your customized JGroups configuration file, applied to JCR. 
exo.idm.cluster.jgroups.configPath to your customized JGroups configuration file, applied to IDM. 
Quartz Scheduler
Main Scheduler Properties
exo.quartz.scheduler.instanceNameThe name of the scheduler instance.ExoScheduler
exo.quartz.scheduler.instanceIdThe type of the scheduler instance.AUTO
ThreadPool configuration Properties
exo.quartz.threadPool.classIs the name of the ThreadPool implementation used.org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool
exo.quartz.threadPool.threadPriorityIt an integer value between Thread.MIN_PRIORITY (which is 1) and Thread.MAX_PRIORITY (which is 10).5 (which is the value of Thread.NORM_PRIORITY)
exo.quartz.threadPool.threadCountIt is the number of threads that are available for concurrent execution of jobs.25
JobStore configuration Properties
exo.quartz.jobStore.misfireThresholdThe number of milliseconds the scheduler will tolerate a trigger to pass its next-fire-time by, before being considered misfired.6000
exo.quartz.jobStore.classThe Scheduler’s JobStore class name.org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.JobStoreTX
exo.quartz.jobStore.driverDelegateClassThe Driver delegate which will understand the database system dialect.org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.StdJDBCDelegate
exo.quartz.jobStore.usePropertiesThe flag which instructs JDBCJobStore that all values in JobDataMaps will be Strings.false
exo.quartz.jobStore.dataSourceThe name of the DataSources defined in the configuration properties file for quartz.quartzDS
exo.quartz.jobStore.tablePrefixThe prefix used for to Quartz’s tables in the database.QRTZ_
exo.quartz.jobStore.isClusteredSet to "true" in order to turn on clustering features.false
exo.quartz.jobStore.clusterCheckinIntervalSet the frequency (in milliseconds) at which this instance "checks-in" with other instances of the cluster.20000
exo.quartz.jobStore.maxMisfiresToHandleAtATimeThe maximum number of misfired triggers the jobstore will handle in a given pass.20
exo.quartz.jobStore.dontSetAutoCommitFalseSetting this parameter to "true" tells Quartz not to call setAutoCommit(false) on connections obtained from the DataSource(s).false
exo.quartz.jobStore.acquireTriggersWithinLockWhether or not the acquisition of next triggers to fire should occur within an explicit database lock.false
exo.quartz.jobStore.lockHandler.classThe class name to be used to produce an instance of a "org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore". 
exo.quartz.jobStore.driverDelegateInitStringA pipe-delimited list of properties (and their values) that can be passed to the DriverDelegate during initialization time. 
exo.quartz.jobStore.txIsolationLevelSerializableA value of "true" tells Quartz (when using JobStoreTX or CMT) to call setTransactionIsolation(Connection.TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE) on JDBC connections. This can be helpful to prevent lock timeouts with some databases under high load, and long-lasting transactions.false
exo.quartz.jobStore.selectWithLockSQLMust be a SQL string that selects a row in the "LOCKS" table and places a lock on the row.SELECT * FROM {0}LOCKS WHERE SCHED_NAME = {1} AND LOCK_NAME = ? FOR UPDATE
Datasources configuration
exo.quartz.dataSource.quartzDS.jndiURLThe JNDI URL for a DataSource that is managed by eXo Platform.java:/comp/env/exo-jpa_portal
Password Encryption
exo.plidm.password.classThe class that encrypts the user password before it is stored in the database.DatabaseReadingSaltEncoder
exo.plidm.password.hashThe encrypt algorithm.SHA-256
Elasticsearch Properties
exo.es.version.minorThe expected minor Elastisearch version compatible with eXo Platform.5.6
exo.es.embedded.enabledAllows to run an Elasticsearch server embedded in eXo Platform (not recommended for production).true
es.cluster.nameCluster name identifies your Elasticsearch cluster for auto-discovery. If you’re running multiple clusters on the same network, make sure you’re using unique names.exoplatform-es
es.node.nameName of the mode for the embedded mode. If not specified, a name is generated dynamically at startup.exoplatform-es-embedded
es.network.hostSets both 'bind_host' and 'publish_host' params. More details here""
es.discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hostsIn Unicast dicovery mode, this parameter lets you set a list of master nodes in the cluster to perform discovery when new nodes (master or data) are started.[""]
es.http.portTCP Port of the embedded ES node.9200
es.path.dataLocal path to the directory where to Elasticsearch will store index data allocated for this node.gatein/data
Elasticsearch Client
exo.es.search.server.urlURL of the node used for searching. Required and exo.es.embedded.enabled=false""
exo.es.search.server.usernameUsername used for the BASIC authentication on the Elasticsearch node used for searching. 
exo.es.search.server.passwordPassword used for the BASIC authentication on the Elasticsearch node used for searching. 
exo.es.index.server.urlURL of the node used for indexing.""
exo.es.index.server.usernameUsername used for the BASIC authentication on the Elasticsearch node used for indexing. 
exo.es.index.server.passwordPassword used for the BASIC authentication on the Elasticsearch node used for indexing. 
Elasticsearch Indexing properties
exo.es.indexing.batch.numberMaximum number of documents that can be sent to Elasticsearch in one bulk request.1000
exo.es.indexing.request.size.limitMaximum size (in bytes) of an Elasticsearch bulk request.10485760 (= 10Mb)
exo.es.reindex.batch.sizeSize of the chunks of the reindexing batch.100
exo.es.indexing.replica.number.defaultNumber of replicas of the index.1
exo.es.indexing.shard.number.defaultNumber of shards of the index.5
Enable/Disable activity type
exo.activity-type.activity-type-key.enabledThe property that allows to enable or disable an activity having the type key activity-type-key from posting in the streams.true
File storage configuration
exo.files.binaries.storage.typeAllows to define the file storage way: File system (type=fs) or RDBMS (type=rdbms).fs
exo.commons.FileStorageCleanJob.enabledEnables/disables the job that cleans unused files.true
exo.commons.FileStorageCleanJob.retention-timeThe retention time of unused files30 days
exo.commons.FileStorageCleanJob.expressionThe cron job expression for scheduling the file cleaner job0 0 11 ? * SUN
exo.files.storage.dirThe location where to store binary files in case of file system storage. In cluster mode, this location (folder) should be shared.{exo.data.dir}/files
eXo Chat
standaloneChatServerDefines the chat mode: true for the standalone mode and false for the embedded mode.false
dbServerTypeMongoDB type: either Mongo or embed. Embed value is used for unit tests.mongo
dbServerHostThe host name or IP of MongoDB. This parameter is deprecated starting from eXo Platform 5.0 versions and should be replaced by dbServerHosts.localhost
dbServerPortThe port number to connect to MongoDB host. Same as the previous parameter, this one is also deprecated from eXo Platform 5.0. It is replaceable by dbServerHosts.27017
dbServerHostsThe MongoDB nodes to connect to, as a comma-separated list of <host:port> values.localhost:27017
dbNameName of the Mongo database name.chat
dbAuthenticationEnables or disables authentication to access MongoDB. When set to true this means that authentication is required.false
dbUserProvide the username to access the database if authentication needed.EMPTY
dbPasswordProvide the password to access the database if authentication needed.EMPTY
chatServerBaseBase URL of the Chat Server. It is set as the same value of exo.base.url by default. It must be changed when the chat server is installed in standalone mode. For example :
chatServerUrlURL to access Chat Server./chatServer
chatPortalPageRelative URL of the Chat application./portal/intranet/chat
chatPassPhraseThe password to access REST service on the eXo Chat server.chat
chatCronNotifCleanupThe frequency of cleaning eXo Chat notifications.They are cleaned up every one hour by default.0 0/60 * * * ?
chatReadTotalJsonThe number of messages that you can get in the Chat room.200
chatIntervalChatTime interval to refresh messages in a chat.5000
chatIntervalSessionTime interval to keep a chat session alive in milliseconds.60000
chatIntervalNotifTime interval to refresh Notifications in the main menu in milliseconds.5000
chatTokenValidityTime after which a token will be invalid. The use will then be considered offline.60000
exo.chat.upload.limitMax size of upload files (in Mb)100
request.timeoutThe request timeout in milliseconds of the calls to chat server.15000
Groovy templates statistics:
exo.statistics.groovy.template.enabledEnables/disables Groovy Templates statistics that is collected asynchronously.true
CometD configuration
exo.cometd.oort.urlThe CometD Oort URL used in clustering mode."http://localhost:8080/cometd/cometd", localhost should be replaced by the hostname or the IP of the cluster node.
exo.cometd.oort.configTypeThe CometD configuration type which could be either "static" or "multicast".multicast
exo.cometd.oort.cloudA comma-separated list of URLs of other Oort comets to connect to at startup. 
Update of last login time
exo.idm.user.updateLastLoginTimeEnables/disables the update of last login time each time the user login.true
Define spaces administrators group
exo.social.spaces.administratorsDefines the list of spaces administrators groups. 
Assets versions used in static resources URLs
exo.assets.versionDefines the assets version.It is set to eXo Platform binary version.
Username case sensitive
exo.auth.case.insensitiveDefines if usernames in eXo Platform are case sensitive or not.false.
User inactivity delay
exo.user.status.offline.delayDefines the time laps which makes the user in offline status. Its value is expressed in milliseconds.240000
Notifications channels
exo.notification.channelsDefines the activated notification channels.WEB_CHANNEL, MAIL_CHANNEL
Wiki application base URI
wiki.permalink.appuriDefines the base URI for the wiki application permalinks.wiki
Files upload limit
exo.ecms.connector.drives.uploadLimitMaximum size (in MB) allowed of an uploaded file.200
exo.social.activity.uploadLimitMaximum size (in MB) allowed of an uploaded image through the CKEditor.200
exo.wiki.attachment.uploadLimitMaximum size (in MB) allowed of an uploaded file in Wiki application.200
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