3.48. Update of last login time


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By default, eXo Platform persists the last login time information for each user in an internal database. You may need to disable this parameter to optimize login time especially when your system is highly solicited by a lot of concurrent users. You can disable this feature by configuring the parameter exo.idm.user.updateLastLoginTime in exo.properties file.The default value is set to true.

Setting exo.idm.user.updateLastLoginTime to true enables the update, in the IDM database, of the last login time each time the user login to eXo Platform.

Setting exo.idm.user.updateLastLoginTime to false disables the update of the user's last login time and if the platform is connected to an external system for users storage (such as LDAP or AD), the last login time will be updated in this external system.

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