GET /v1/calendar/calendars/{id}

Search for a calendar by its id, in one of conditions: The authenticated user is the owner of the calendar, OR the user belongs to the group of the calendar, OR the calendar has been shared with the user or with a group of the user.



Supported Format: JSON


  • Required (path parameters):

Parameter Description
id Identity of the calendar to be retrieved.
  • Optional (query parameters):

Parameter Description
fields Comma-separated list of selective calendar attributes to be returned. All returned if not specified.
jsonp The name of a JavaScript function to be used as the JSONP callback. If not specified, only JSON object is returned.

Request example:

 GET: http://localhost:8080/rest/private/v1/calendar/calendars/{id}


   "editPermission": "/platform/users/:*.*;",
   "viewPermission": "*.*;",
   "privateURL": null,
   "publicURL": null,
   "icsURL": "http://localhost:8080/rest/private/v1/calendar/calendars/calendar8b8f65e77f00010122b425ec81b80da9/ics",
   "description": null,
   "color": "asparagus",
   "timeZone": "Europe/Brussels",
   "name": "Users",
   "type": "2",
   "owner": null,
   "groups": [
   "href": "http://localhost:8080/rest/private/v1/calendar/calendars/calendar8b8f65e77f00010122b425ec81b80da9",
   "id": "calendar8b8f65e77f00010122b425ec81b80da9"
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