GET api/social/v1-alpha3/{portalContainerName}/identity/{providerId}/{remoteId:.+}.{format}

Gets the identity and its associated profile by specifying its provider Id and user/space Id. There can be many identities, such as, user identities, and space identities.



Level API: Platform

Requires Authentication: true


  • Required (path parameters):

Parameter Description
portalContainerName The associated portal container name.
providerId The provider Id of the identity.
remoteId The user/space Id.
format The format of the returned result, for example, JSON or XML.
  • Optional (query parameters): No

Request example:

 GET http://localhost:8080/rest/private/api/social/v1-alpha3/portal/identity/organization/demo.json


   "id" : "123456789",
   "providerId": "organization",
   "remoteId": "demo",
   "profile": {
     "fullName": "Demo Gtn",
     "avatarUrl": "http://localhost:8080/portal/demo/profile/avatar/demo.jpg"
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