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This feature enables you to auto-complete the word, including keywords, statements, declared variables, properties and methods, functions, objects, classes, tags, attributes, annotations in context of JavaScript, HTML, XML, Google Gadget, REST Service, Template, POGO, Netvibes Widget, Data Object files simply by clicking Ctrl+Space hotkeys. The Auto-complete form is shown as below:

In the files of Google Gadget, HTML and Template types, the auto-complete list displays various content for each case, depending on the cursor position within the file. If the cursor is put between <script> tags, or between <style> tags, there will be the auto-complete list for JavaScript content, or for CSS content respectively. In the other places, the auto-complete list for the HTML content is displayed.

Using the Auto-complete function

  1. Open the target file with supported file types (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Google Gadget, ECM Template and others) with the Code editor.

  2. Put the cursor on the needed position in the document.

  3. Press Ctrl+Space to get the Auto-complete form.

  4. Select the token in the list of this form; or type first letters of the token to reduce the token list and then select the appropriate token.

  5. Press Enter or double-click the selected token to complete the word next to the cursor.


  • Use Alt+Space hotkeys instead of Ctrl+Space in the Mac OS.

  • Click the outside area of the form to quit the Auto-complete form.

  • Press Esc to discard the Auto-complete form.

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