1.5.13. Undoing/Redoing editing

Your actions performed with the text are added to the history as a distinct batch after each pause, saving you from fear of doing something wrong. So, you can restore your file content by using the Undo or Redo function.

Undoing editing

The Undo command in eXo IDE helps you obtain your desired changes, such as formatted text, moved blocks, deleted text by following either of two handy ways:


The Undo function is disabled in case of no new changes in your text. To undo the Undone action, use the Redo function.

Redoing editing

After you have undone your performed action on the text but unfortunately what recovered is not satisfactory, simply click the Redo function to set back. The Redo function is used in the following cases:

The Redo function can be performed via one the two following ways:


  • Redo is available only after Undo was performed.

  • In the Code editor, the Undo/Redo functions are disabled in case of no changes in the Undo/Redo history.

  • Each file opened in the editor has its own history.

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