1.1. eXo JCR architecture

eXo Repository Service

eXo Repository Service is a JSR 170-based standard service and is a registered IoC (Inversion Of Control) component that can be deployed in some eXo Containers (see Repository service configuration for more details). The relationships between components are shown in the picture below:

eXo Container: Some subclasses of ExoContainer (usually StandaloneContainer or PortalContainer) that holds a reference to Repository Service. See Containers for more details.

The JCR application usecase typically includes two initial steps:

Workspace Data Model

The following diagram explains which components of eXo JCR implementation are used in a data flow to perform operations specified in JCR API.

The Workspace Data Model can be split into 4 levels by the data isolation and value from the JCR model point of view.

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