1.2. Compatibility levels

The Java Content Repository specification JSR-170 has been split into two compliance levels and a set of optional features.


eXo JCR supports JSR-170 level 1 and level 2 and all optional features. The recent JSR-283 is not yet supported.

Level 1

Level 1 includes the read-only functionality for very simple repositories. It is useful to port an existing data repository and convert it to a more advanced form step by step. JCR uses a well-known Session abstraction to access the repository data (similar to the sessions you have in OS, web, and more).

The features of level 1:

Level 2

JCR level 2 includes reading/writing content functionality, importing other sources and managing content definition and structuring using extensible node types.

In addition to the features of the Level 1, it also supports the following major features:

Optional features

On the top of Level 1 or Level 2, a number of optional features are defined for a more advanced repository functionality. This includes functions such as Versioning, (JTA) Transactions, Query using SQL, Explicit Locking and Content Observation. eXo JCR supports all optional features.

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