2.5. Outgoing mail service

eXo Platform includes an email sending service that needs to be configured before it can function properly. This service, for instance, is used to send emails to users who forgot their password or username.

Configuring the outgoing email account

The email service can use any SMTP account configured in:

The relevant configurations are:

(1)# Emails


Domain name used to produce absolute URLs in email notifications.


Email display in "from" field of outgoing emails.


SMTP Server hostname.


SMTP Server port.


Set to true or false, true if you use the secure (TLS) SMTP.


Set to true or false, true to enable the SMTP authentication.


Username to send for authentication.


Password to send for authentication.


Specify the port to connect to when using the specified socket factory.


Use this class to create the SMTP sockets.

All those configurations conform to a common format:


The variable appears here to allow you to set those configurations by exporting relevant environment variables. Refer to Customizing environment variables if you want to set the values via environment variables. Otherwise, just place the values after the colon (:).

If you want to use SMTP gateway over SSL, configure a certificate truststore containing your SMTP server's public certificate. Depending on the key sizes, you may then also need to install Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files for your Java Runtime Environment.

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