2.6. Email notification of document changes

The function Watch document in Sites Explorer allows users to receive notification by email when a document is updated. The email address of receivers is the email they declare in their profile. Administrators can customize the sender, subject, mimetype and content of the notification.

To customize the email notification, simply add the following properties in the file:

Email content for WatchDocumentService

gatein.ecms.watchdocument.subject=Your watching document is changed
gatein.ecms.watchdocument.content=<![CDATA[Dear $user_name,<br><br>The document $doc_name ($doc_title) has changed.<br>
<br>Please go to <a href="$doc_url">$doc_title</a> to see this change.<br><br>]]>


PropertyDefault valueDescription
gatein.ecms.watchdocument.sendersupport@exoplatform.com The email address of the sender.
gatein.ecms.watchdocument.subjectYour watching document is changedThe subject of the email notification.
gatein.ecms.watchdocument.mimetypetext/htmlThe format of the email content. There are two types: text/html and text/plain.
gatein.ecms.watchdocument.content<![CDATA[Dear $user_name,<br><br>The document $doc_name ($doc_title) has changed.<br><br>Please go to <a href="$doc_url">$doc_title</a> to see this change.<br><br>]]>The content of the email notification.

You can use four parameters below in the gatein.ecms.watchdocument.content property:


To get the email notification feature work, you need to configure Outgoing mail service first.

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