7.1.3. LDAP users mapped into Platform

Assume you have a populated directory and a number of users under a base DN - that can be anywhere in the tree. In reality, the user entries can be branched in several bases, like this:

Let's see how far the pre-configured identity object type "USER" can solve this case:

User attributes

context DNs (user divisions)

Generally, the pre-configured type USER should work with easy modification, for many divisions of users. The only condition is all the divisions can share the same mapping.

To be clear, if o=acme users want their telephoneNumber to be mapped to their Platform profile, while o=emca do not, the case seems not to be supported. If it becomes a reality to you, the best way is to raise your question in eXo Community Forum.


When LDAP users and groups are mapped into eXo Platform, their data (for example, user profile, personal document, calendar) need to be created as if they were eXo Platform users and groups. See how to do that in Synchronization.

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