5.2.6. Forum management view

Some MBeans are provided to manage Forum application.


AdminRules The list of rules defining administrators.
ContactProvider The string containing the specific ContactProvider implementation name which provides user profile to the forum.
MailServiceConfig The string containing the configuration of the Mail service used for the notifications in Forum.
OnlineUsers The list of currently online users.
countOnlineUsers Returns the number of currently online users.
hasForumAdminRole(String username) Checks if the user is the forum administrator or not.
getAdminRules Returns the list of rules defining administrators.
getOnlineUsers Returns the list of online users.
getContactProvider Returns the name of a specific ContactProvider implementation.
setContactProvider(String contactProviderClassName Sets ContactProvider implementation.
getMailServiceConfig Returns the Mail service configuration used to send notifications in Forum.


DataMap The map containing the state information for Job instances.
Name The name of the Job.
getName Returns the names of Job instances.
getDataMap Returns the state information of Job instances.

The list of Forum Jobs:

DeactiveJob Deactivates topics which meet TWO predefined deactivation properties: inactiveDays and forumName in Forum.
LoginJob Updates information of users logged in, serving for statistics.
NotifyJob Sends email notifications in Answers.
RecountActiveUserJob Indicates the number of active users in Forum.
SendMailJob Sends email notifications in Forum.
UpdateDataJob Updates Forum statistics, such as posts or topics of users.


The Object Name of RoleRulesPlugin MBean: exo:portal=portal,service=forum,view=plugins,name="add.role.rules.plugin".

AllRules The list of all rules of RoleRulesPlugin. For example, the rule defining 'root' user as an administrator follows the form of ADMIN=root.
Description The brief description of RoleRulesPlugin functions.
Name The name of RoleRulesPlugin.
RuleNames The list of possible rule names; for example, the rule defining administrators is named ADMIN.
addRule Adds a rule. For example, to add the ADMIN rule for a user, you need to input two parameters: "ADMIN" in the p1 and user name in the p2.
getRules Returns the list of rules defining the user with the role inputted in p1.
getName Returns the name of the plugin.
getRuleNames Returns the list of possible rule names. For example, if 'user1' and 'user2' are defined as ADMIN (ADMIN=user1, user2), the list of returned rule names will be ADMIN.
getDescription Returns the brief description of the plugin.
getAllRules Returns all rules added to the plugin.


This MBean enables you to get storage information (data path, repository, workspace) of Forum application.

Path The JCR data path of the Forum Storage.
Repository The name of repository containing the workspace where Forum data is stored.
Workspace The name of workspace containing Forum data.
getRepository Returns the name of repository of the Forum Storage.
getWorkspace Returns the name of workspace of the Forum Storage.
getPath Returns the JCR data path of the Forum Storage.


Currently, the REST View managements of Forum, Job, Plugin, Storage are not exposed in this version.

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