3.3.8. Managing eXo Platform look and feel

  • Skin elements

    Introduction to skin elements of eXo Platform and details of SkinService and default skin.

  • Customizing a site skin

    How to customize a site skin, including selecting a default skin, customizing layout of a site/page and shared layout which is used for all sites, customizing the CLV template.

  • Creating a new portlet skin

    The way to create a new portlet skin via the extension mechanism provided by eXo Platform to change the portlet icon and to customize style for a built-in portlet.

  • Creating a new site skin

    How to create a new skin web archive, to register web context as an extension, to skin the site and portlet windows.

  • Best practices

    Best practices to integrate your design into eXo Platform easily.

By following this section, you are able to customize the eXo Platform look and feel effectively.

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