5.6.5. Exporting

Content can be exported into either .xml or .zip file types.

  1. Select the content that you want to export.

  2. Click on the Action bar to show the Export form.


    Path to ExportThe path of content being exported. This field will be pre-populated.
    FormatThe format of the original content.
    • System View

      Each content and its property are included in a different tag.

    • Document View

      Each content is a tag and its properties are considered to be elements of that tag.

    ZipIf this field is checked, the content will be exported as a .zip file.

  3. Click Export and select a location to save the exported file.


    The Export form can contain Export Version History if the exported content or any of its children is versioned.

    This action exports all of the content's version history.

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