5.6.6. Importing

Content which is in the .xml file format can be imported into the JCR Explorer system.

  1. Select the location where you want to import the new content.

  2. Click on the Action bar to open the Import form.

  3. Select the file in the Upload File field and navigate to the file you want to import.

  4. Select one value from the UUID Behaviour drop-down menu. In case there is UUID conflict - the situation when an imported node has the same UUID as an existing node, the behavior will be applied for those two nodes, as follows:

    Create New

    New UUID will be generated and assigned to the imported node. There is no impact to the existing one.

    Remove Existing

    The already existing node (and its subtree) is removed from wherever it may be in the workspace before the incoming node is added.

    Replace Existing

    The already existing node is replaced by the incoming node in the same path as the existing node. This behavior may result in the incoming subtree being disaggregated to different locations in the workspace.

    Throw Exception

    The node is not imported. No impact to the existing one.

  5. Select the file for the Version History field.

  6. Click Import to import the file's selected version.

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